What an age we live in, right?

“Please be patient with us; this is our first pandemic.”

That’s something most of us have gotten used to saying, thinking, or wishing we’d said! COVID-19’s impact upon our lives has been immense. We could never have foreseen it, how it would so radically change what we do (or don’t do), think, or say. Even technology has been impacted. Albion has had a website for sometime, but it’s not been easy to find…until now. It’s been a steep learning curve on how to do all that has been necessary to have “worship online.” Now, working with a new website will require even more. Look around; enjoy and let us know what you like. If you see things missing or things you’d like us to consider, let us know that as well. But what we ask more than anything is this:

“Please be patient with us; this is our first pandemic.”

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